Monday, December 21, 2020

Stay a Democrat if you Believe 

In Socialism; Democrat National Socialism.

Higher Taxes.

Burn the flag.

An Uncompromising Left. 

Easily Offended.

The “Squad” is Representative of your beliefs.

Victim Mentality.

God is Dead. No Consequences for Actions.

Systemic Racism.

Big Government - Centralized power.

Appeasement of China.

Made in China is Better.

Unfair Trade Deals.

Defund Police. Mob Rule. Unsafe Cities.

Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities and full benefits for Illegals.

Smaller Military- U.S. is Free World’s Police Force.

Peaceful Riots.

Radical Environmentalism. Man-Made Global Warming. Green New Deal.

Unverified mail-in Ballots.

Multiple Genders.

America is a Racist Nation.

America was Founded to enable Slavery.

Revisionist History of the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory.

Blacks should get Preferential Treatment over Hispanics, Asians and Mixed Race Americans.

Math is Racist.

No Due Process when Accused.

Hated President Trump’s Policies and Achievements.

Globalism is Better than Made in America.

New World Order- One World Government, Leader, Religion and Military.

U.N. policy takes Preference over U.S. policy.

Free Stuff.

Aborting Fetuses that could Survive on their Own.

Identity Politics- People should be Rewarded by the Color of their Skin.

Speech Codes.

Cancel Culture and boycotting Individuals.

Big Brother - Big Tech Censorship.

No Right to Bear Arms or Self-Defense.

Welfare- monthly Government Living Allowance.